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jrock_scans's Journal

Jrock Scans
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Scans of Japanese Rock Media

jrock scans

Welcome to livejournal's big jrock scans sharing community♪ All posts are members-only, but we have open membership. Please acquaint yourself with the rules before posting, as all posts are moderated and will be rejected if they are not properly formatted!
001: J-rock scans only. Indies/Major/Visual. No j-pop, no k-pop, etc.002: You may only post things you've scanned yourself. We do not allow reposting or digicam images/screencaps.003: All posts must be made to the main community, for ease of archival. No fake-cuts to other communities/websites/personal ljs.
004: Large/multiple images require lj-cuts. Need to learn how to lj-cut? Read how. 005: Don't be a jerk. Don't spam posts (repeatedly complaining about the lack of a cut counts.) Don't pick fights. You get one warning before the banhammer.006: Requesting? Make sure you have all the info!
Magazine: (ex. Shoxx)
Month/Volume/Issue number: (ex. April/vol. 666)
Artist(s): (ex. Alice and the Sparkledogs)
Got all those details, without omitting anything? And you checked the directory? And you didn't request more than four magazines? Then your post will be approved.
007: Reply to requests with a new post! We've had some issues with people replying with direct downloads in comments, and we don't allow it. 008: No direct download-only posts. We love the direct download here. However, the links expire quickly. So please upload some/all of the images on photobucket/imageshack/tinypic as well so we can archive them!009: Copyright & Other Issues! Here are magazines you can't post. Purple SKY (no text, promo images are allowed.) ASKEW (to be posted by staff members only.) Five For (no scans period.) Also, you cannot attempt to profit off this community. No linkbucks, no CDJapan/YesAsia referral links. If you attempt to do so, prepare for an instaban.

contact & links

Your admins (who also do post-approval) are: toda (Toda), astheniabullets (Meg) & seieki (Emma). Please contact them via personal message in the event of community troubles. ("Someone made fun of my idol" does not count.) The other two approval mods, should you need to contact them are carouselcues (Lawren) and silentluvphobia (Shintomo).

Your directory mods are incantoshine (Julia) & kurodatenshi (Meiyi).

Affiliates: jrock_caps / jrock_market / i_elitists / jrock_mp3s / jrock_questions