July 12th, 2004

Bind- Ginaamaya and jutecat


I thought it was about time for me to scan some stuff. I just bought a Fool's Mate at a con I went to this weekend and I scanned 4 images from it...February 2004... I will probably be back with more scans of that and some of my Shoxx.
1 Pierrot
2 Miyavi
1 Nightmare
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Hello hello. I'm finally getting around to scanning the crapload of CD booklets and magazines I've let pile up over the past few months, so I come bearing scans (with really crappy thumbnails, because I am lazy). I've got metronome's 1metronome and Plastic Tree's Shiro Chronicle CD booklet scans Collapse )
I've also got several others I plan to be scanning within the next few days that I'll post here once they're done. Also, there are some other scans over at my website, ParanoidCitroid in the J-rock Depot section, where these will also be stored once I get done.

Take em and use them for graphics if you want, you don't need permission, although credit would be nice. Also, NO HOTLINKING OR I WILL KILL YOU DEAD, unless you want to donate a couple dollars to pay for my bandwidth.
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